Herbal Bath soaps

Our Herbal blends are especially fragrant with scents of spices and fresh garden herbs.

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White Tea and Ginger Lime Basil Mandarin Oatmeal Honey
White Tea and GingerLime Basil MandarinOatmeal Honey

For a fragrant and refreshing start to your day, try our warming White Tea with Ginger. 

Another of our goat milk blends, our Lime Basil Mandarin soap is creamy and smooth and fragrant. The deep basil fragrance complements a light and citrus mandarin.

Another of our goat milk soaps, Oatmeal Honey, contains oatmeal we grind by hand to exfoliate your skin. All organic goat milk - no water.




Ocean Rain Rosemary Mint Zen
Ocean RainRosemary MintZen

Our Ocean Rain soap has an interesting fragrance. It combines the sea salty scent of the ocean with a mild sweetness of almond oil and coconut oil. 

The aloe vera juice, used in place of water, is especially soothing to skin, dried from the summer sun or wintry wind.

Zen, has the deep warming qualities of ginger essential oil. Goat milk, almond oil, and coconut oil produce a wonderfully fragrant and creamy lather.