Citrus Bath soaps

Our citrus soaps have a crisp, refreshing fragrance such as orange or lime. 

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Coconut Lime Colonial Bayberry Cranberry Spice
Coconut LimeColonial BayberryCranberry Spice

A wonderfully fragrant combination of tropical coconut and refreshing lime will remind you of warm summers on the beach. 

This particular bayberry shrub is found primarily in northeastern Massachusettes. The berries impart a citrus fragrance with deep woodsy undertones.

Jojoba beads, clay, and avocado oil are the key to an exfoliating and soothing shower that will leave you refreshed and energized for the day.  




Cucumber Melon Monkey Farts Pomegranate
Cucumber MelonMonkey FartsPomegranate

Pureed organic cucumbers go into our Cucumber Melon to soothe and revitalize both the body and face.

Hey, if a funny name gets the kids into the bath without a struggle - all the better. The beads, oils and butters are great for their skin, but don't tell them that.

Pomegranate seed oil is an effective emmmolient and is rich in anti-oxidents. It is an ideal choice for those with dry or irritated skin.




If you like a fresh, invigorating wake up call in the morning, our Citrus soaps are for you - without the caffeine crash.